Icelandic Sheepdog

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Average size and lifespan

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Height: 1ft 4in - 1ft 6in
Weight: 20-30lbs
Lifespan: 14 - 15 Years


  • Affection4/5
  • Kid-Friendly4/5
  • Stranger-Friendly2/5
  • Dog-Friendly2/5
  • Barking Amount1/5


  • Grooming Difficulty2/5
  • Shedding Amount3/5
  • Easy to Train3/5
  • Can Be Alone2/5
  • Exercise Need4/5


  • Cold Tolerance5/5
  • Heat Tolerance3/5
  • Apartment-Friendly1/5

Icelandic Sheepdog Information

Icelandic SheepdogThis happy, extroverted breed came to Iceland with the Vikings and was used to herd cattle, sheep and horses back in the day. Today, the Icelandic Sheepdog is often used as a therapy dog due to their kind, calming disposition.

Icelandic Sheepdogs are classified as Spitzes, no surprise given their foxy face, pointy ears and curled tail. His dense coat comes in a variety of colors and often includes white markings. Considered a medium-sized dog, the Icelandic Sheepdog stands up to 18 inches and weighs 45-65 pounds. His adorable face will instantly melt your heart!

All dogs have their own personality and unique training, causing them to differ slightly from these breed stats. However, please let us know if we made an error in the stats, we appreciate your help!

Breed FAQs

Can Icelandic Sheepdogs be apartment dogs?

Icelandic Sheepdogs don't do very well in apartments. It's recommended to look at another breed better suited to apartment-living.

Can Icelandic Sheepdogs be left alone?

Icelandic Sheepdogs don't like being left alone for too long. They tend to show some symptoms of seperation anxiety when left apart from their owners for long periods of time.

Are Icelandic Sheepdogs good with kids?

Icelandic Sheepdogs do well with kids. As with any dog they should be monitored closely, they're unlikely to become aggressive.

Are Icelandic Sheepdogs friendly with strangers?

Icelandic Sheepdogs tend to be uncomfortable with strangers. They will require extra training effort to socialize them with those outside their family.

Do Icelandic Sheepdogs get along with other dogs?

Icelandic Sheepdogs aren't usually friendly with other dogs. They tend to not get along unless carefully socialized.

Do Icelandic Sheepdogs bark a lot?

Icelandic Sheepdogs don't bark very often of may never bark. Most barking is trained or in extreme situations.

Do Icelandic Sheepdogs shed a lot?

Icelandic Sheepdogs shed a medium amount. They will have seasonal shedding, but aren't terrible to clean up after.

Do Icelandic Sheepdogs need a lot of grooming?

Icelandic Sheepdogs don't require very much effort for grooming. You'll just need to provide typical maintenance and baths.

Do Icelandic Sheepdogs need a lot of exercise?

The Icelandic Sheepdog has a good amount of energy and will need to be exercised with some walks and play to keep them happy.

Are Icelandic Sheepdogs easy to train?

Although Icelandic Sheepdogs can be a challenge to train, they can be taught with some dedicated work or by hiring some training help.

Can Icelandic Sheepdogs handle cold weather?

If you live in a cold climate, Icelandic Sheepdogs will do extremely well and may even enjoy being outside in the chilly weather.

Can Icelandic Sheepdogs handle hot weather?

Although Icelandic Sheepdogs can tolerate hot conditions, be careful not to expose them for too long.

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