American Foxhound

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Average size and lifespan

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Height: 1ft 9in - 2ft 1in
Weight: 60-70lbs
Lifespan: 12 - 13 Years


  • Affection2/5
  • Kid-Friendly4/5
  • Stranger-Friendly3/5
  • Dog-Friendly4/5
  • Barking Amount5/5


  • Grooming Difficulty1/5
  • Shedding Amount3/5
  • Easy to Train2/5
  • Can Be Alone3/5
  • Exercise Need4/5


  • Cold Tolerance4/5
  • Heat Tolerance4/5
  • Apartment-Friendly1/5

American Foxhound Information

American FoxhoundThis sweet, even-tempered dog is one of America’s native breeds and was originally used for competitive field trials, fox hunting or to serve as a pack hound. You can count on him to have a great sense of smell and to bay or howl with his booming voice.

Foxhounds were born to run and require lots of exercise. Luckily, this breed is naturally healthy with fewer issues than other dogs. Independent and stubborn, it may however require extra time and practice to make your training stick.

All dogs have their own personality and unique training, causing them to differ slightly from these breed stats. However, please let us know if we made an error in the stats, we appreciate your help!

Breed FAQs

Can American Foxhounds be apartment dogs?

American Foxhounds don't do very well in apartments. It's recommended to look at another breed better suited to apartment-living.

Can American Foxhounds be left alone?

While American Foxhounds prefer to be around their owners, they can do fairly well when left alone if necessary.

Are American Foxhounds good with kids?

American Foxhounds do well with kids. As with any dog they should be monitored closely, they're unlikely to become aggressive.

Are American Foxhounds friendly with strangers?

Although American Foxhounds can take a bit to warm up to a stranger, they are mostly friendly with others.

Do American Foxhounds get along with other dogs?

Typically, American Foxhounds get along well with other dogs or are easy to socialize with them. It's uncommon that they're overly agressive.

Do American Foxhounds bark a lot?

American Foxhounds are known to bark quite often. This can be irritating for owners who aren't expecting it and they may require some training to limit the amount of barking.

Do American Foxhounds shed a lot?

American Foxhounds shed a medium amount. They will have seasonal shedding, but aren't terrible to clean up after.

Do American Foxhounds need a lot of grooming?

With a American Foxhound you won't need to dedicate any extra time to special grooming. Their coats are easy to deal with.

Do American Foxhounds need a lot of exercise?

The American Foxhound has a good amount of energy and will need to be exercised with some walks and play to keep them happy.

Are American Foxhounds easy to train?

Most American Foxhounds are stubborn and will take extra work to train. They can still learn trained behaviors, but will take more effort.

Can American Foxhounds handle cold weather?

American Foxhounds do well in cold weather. You may need to protect their paws, but they'll do well in colder climates.

Can American Foxhounds handle hot weather?

American Foxhounds do well in hot climates and can stay out longer without overheating.

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