Dog Breeds of the World [Infographic]

Hello fellow dog lovers! We hope you enjoyed the weekend and got a chance to get outside with your pup. Kyle and I finally got a chance this afternoon to catch our breath and do a little spring cleaning and organizing. As we went through our to-do list, we realized we had not yet published a pretty cool infographic Kyle put together weeks ago. D’oh!

The infographic is inspired by our newly added dog breed selector. The tool allows you to find dog breeds that fit your needs and then easily compare each breed to one another. To get this up and running, we wrote descriptions for dozens upon dozens of dog breeds, and as we went through the list, it was amazing to see all the different dogs from every corner of the Earth. How can these creatures be the same species yet so different?

This infographic illustrates the international origins of some of our most popular dogs today. Take a looksee – you may learn a thing or two you didn’t know before!

dog breeds infographic

Sharing is caring. If you’re a dog publication and would like to use this infographic, go for it! We just ask that you credit the infographic to My Dog’s Name and add a link to our site. We’ll also provide custom copy to accompany it if you like. Send us an email request.

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  1. Puppy Tales Studio

    That’s such a fun infographic!! In Belgium we are known for Bloodhounds – which sounds scary, but they are very kind! – They have an extraordinarily sense of smell and are used to find missing persons! Love xx

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