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  1. German Shepherd vs Labrador Retriever

    German Shepherd vs Labrador Retriever

    If you’re looking for a loyal family dog, then you’ve likely thought about the German Shepherd vs Labrador Retriever. Both are prized for their loyalty and energy and are considered […]

  2. best pooper scoopers thumbnail

    Best Pooper Scoopers

    Cleaning up after your pup is a dirty job… but someone has to do it! Fortunately we’ve found a couple of the best pooper scoopers to make the job easy […]

  3. Superhero Dog Names – 110+ Powerful Ideas

    Sometimes a regular name just won’t do for your extraordinary pup. That’s when it’s time to look at superhero dog names! Whether you’re a fan of superhero action movies, comics […]

  4. Roman Dog Names

    Roman Dog Names – 180+ Classic Ideas

    Looking for Roman dog names? You’re in luck because we have over 180 ideas! Giving your dog a name with Roman origins opens the door for some original options with […]

  5. Regal dog names

    Regal Dog Names – 110+ Noble Names

    You don’t need royal blood to add some royalty to your home. All you need is a faithful dog and a royal dog name to match their personality! And we […]

  6. Basset Hound names

    Basset Hound Names – 240 Awesome Ideas

    So you’ve got an adorable new Basset Hound in your life? Congrats! Now comes the most exciting part – finding Basset Hound names. Picking out a name can be overwhelming […]

  7. Australian Shepherd vs Border Collie

    Australian Shepherd vs Border Collie

    Deciding on the right dog breed for your family can get a little confusing when the breeds are similar. This is especially true with the Australian Shepherd vs Border Collie. […]

  8. top dog names thumb

    Top Dog Names of 2020 [Infographic]

    The results are in! We’re excited to announce the top dog names of 2020, as determined by the 8.3 million dog owners who used our site so far this year. […]

  9. dog costumes thumb

    Top 24 Funny Dog Halloween Costumes

    Halloween is fast approaching, but don’t worry – there’s still time to find funny dog Halloween costumes.  Dressing your dog up is humorous no matter what, but it’s even better […]

  10. Basset Hound vs Beagle

    Basset Hound vs Beagle: Pros & Cons of Both Breeds

    Let’s compare the Basset Hound vs Beagle – two similar yet distinct dogs that both make excellent pets. To fully understand the similarities and differences between the breeds, we’ll review […]

  11. Doberman vs Rottweiler – The Ultimate Guide

    Choosing the perfect dog breed for your lifestyle can be a hard decision to make. When pitting the Doberman vs Rottweiler, which breed better fits into your life and home? […]

  12. Australian Shepherd vs German Shepherd

    Australian Shepherd vs German Shepherd

    If you’re in the market for a new furry addition to your household, you may be considering both the Australian Shepherd as well as the ever-popular German Shepherd. When it […]