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  1. Top Dog Names of 2018 [Infographic]

    The results are in! We’re excited to announce the top dog names of 2018, as determined by the 4.3 million new dog owners who used our site so far this […]

  1. Corgi gifts

    Corgi Gifts – 10 Great Gifts for Corgi Lovers

    Corgis are adorable, distinct-looking dogs, and what they lack in height, they certainly make up in personality. If you’re shopping for someone who is obsessed with this low-riding pup, you must […]

  2. African dog breeds

    9 Incredible African Dog Breeds You Need To Meet

    Africa is known for unique animals like lions, elephants, zebras and giraffes. But did you know that there are distinct African dog breeds and many are becoming increasingly popular pets […]

  3. Dog puns

    110+ Dog Puns – The Best Doggone List

    If you’re looking for dog puns, you’re come to the right place – we’ve got the best doggone list around! Sorry, you’ll have to fur-give us, we’re just having a lot […]

  4. German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix

    Discover the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix

    The German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix combines two smart, hard-working breeds to create a unique and stunning hybrid. The German Shepherd and the Australian Shepherd are both confident canines with […]

  5. Meet the Golden Retriever German Shepherd Mix

    The Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix combines two very popular breeds. In fact, the German Shepherd is the second most popular dog according to the American Kennel Club (AKC) while […]

  6. how to celebrate your dogs birthday thumbnail

    7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

    Today most people consider their dog to be part of the family. And with all family members, don’t you want to recognize and celebrate their birthday? Celebrating a dog’s birthday […]

  7. Australian Shepherd Lab Mix – Meet the Aussiedor

    Want to learn more about the Australian Shepherd Lab mix? Consider this your guide to the hybrid affectionately called the “Aussiedor.” The mix combines two beloved breeds – the Australian Shepherd and […]

  8. Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

    Meet the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

    The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix combines two energetic and athletic breeds to create a designer dog with plenty of personality. With any mixed breed, the dog can inherit traits […]

  9. Belgian Malinois vs German Shepherd

    Belgian Malinois vs German Shepherd

    When it comes to the Belgian Malinois vs German Shepherd, what is the difference between the breeds? Although the Belgian Malinois and the German Shepherd have similar appearances and some […]

  10. American Bulldog vs Pitbull

    American Bulldog vs Pitbull

    When it comes to the American Bulldog vs Pitbull, at first glance the dogs are very similar and it may be difficult to tell them apart. Although there are many […]

  11. Boston Terrier vs French Bulldog

    Boston Terrier vs French Bulldog

    The decision of whether to bring home a Boston Terrier or a French Bulldog can be a tough one for many, but our look at the similarities and differences between […]

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