Classic Male Dog Names

Classic_dog_namesAbout 10 years ago there was a shift in baby names, and suddenly classics were popular again. People were sick of trendy names and wanted something timeless and long-lasting, like Henry, Isabelle, Robert, Ava, Noah and Olivia. The movement is affecting dog names, and slowly but surely, oldies are making a comeback. We’ve compiled the top classic male dog names for inspiration.

Classic Male Dog Names

Bud/Buddy – This has been a classic male dog names for decades. A dog is a man’s best friend, so what better name than Bud or Buddy?

Clifford – The lovable big red dog is a classic from his namesake books and follow-up TV show and movies. The dog goes on fun adventures with his sweet owner Emily Elizabeth. This is a great dog name for nostalgic owners and those with an extra large dog!

Fido – In Latin, Fido means faithful, which is the perfect way to sum up your relationship with a dog. No matter what, a dog is always there for you! History has more than one famous Fido. President Abraham Lincoln named his dog Fido, and the pup even made the front page of the newspaper. Decades later, another famous Fido emerged in Italy. He accompanied his owner, a brick kiln worker, to the bus stop every day and arrived to greet the man when he returned home. Tragically the man was killed when his factory was bombed during WWII, but that didn’t stop Fido from returning to the bus stop every day for 14 years, becoming media sensation for his loyalty.

Marley – Who can forget the tearjerker novel Marley and Me or the 2008 film adaption? The tale of the mischievous yellow lab and his journey from naughty puppy to beloved family member struck a chord with dog owners around the world.

Rex – The name Rex is Latin for king. It’s been considered a classic dog name for nearly a century and is a great option for strong dogs, or you can use it in an ironic sense for small or timid pups.

Rover – The name Rover comes from the 1905 movie Rescued by Rover. In the short British film – the first film ever to feature a dog – Rover bravely saves a baby from a kidnapping. The historic 6 ½ minute film is worth a watch.

Scout – Scout is another classic male dog name. This sporty, strong name has been used for decades and is a popular choice for hunting dogs.

Shiloh – This name comes from a popular 1991 novel and subsequent film in which a young boy takes in an abused Beagle named Shiloh. The story brings up many interesting discussion points regarding ethics and human/pet relationships.

Spot – The name Spot comes from Fun with Dick and Jane, the classic book series popular from the 1930s to 1970s. Their dog is called Spot, and you can see him run.

Toto – Who can forget the classic 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz? Protagonist Dorothy was accompanied on a magical adventure by Toro, her Cairn Terrier. The name is now synonymous with cute, small dogs.

Of course there are many more classic male dog names. We’ve got lots more on our site. Check it out and let us know if we’re missing any classic names!

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