Dog Training Articles

Everyone wants a well-mannered dog who listens to commands, is great with people and knows a few cool tricks. Our dog training advice can make this happen. Get up to speed with training best practices, find out what motivates dogs, and learn creative ways to redirect their behavior.

  1. 7 Genius Ways to Exercise Your Dog Indoors

    Most dogs need a healthy dose of exercise each and every day. The trouble is, often times the weather just doesn’t want to cooperate. Depending on where you live, it […]

  2. dog licking thumb

    How to Get Your Dog to Stop Licking You

    Most people don’t mind a few puppy kisses, but when it turns into a full-out bath, it sure can get annoying. For the most part, my dog Toby doesn’t lick […]

  3. Training & Socializing Your New Puppy

    Puppy Socialization & Training

    How you train your dog in the first several months can make all the difference in your dog’s demeanor and behavior for the rest of their life. The same goes […]

  4. dog barking thumb

    How to Stop a Dog from Barking

    Dogs bark to communicate. It’s a natural thing. But what do you do when a dog barks excessively? We’re having that problem right now with Toby. He loves to stare […]

  5. dog rollover thumb

    How to Teach Your Dog to Roll Over

    Back when Toby was a puppy, he was a pro at rolling over. In fact, I distinctly remember being such a proud mama when he was the first in his […]

  6. dog beg thumb

    How to Stop Your Dog Begging for Food

    How frustrating is it when you’ve just sat down to eat and suddenly you have an eager little furball looking up at you, begging for food? This behavior can range […]

  7. scared dog thumb

    How to Calm Your Scared Dog

    Our giant yellow lab Toby isn’t scared of much. This past New Year’s Eve, however, he had an epic – I mean epic – freak-out session in reaction to a […]