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Since the site launched in 2013, My Dog’s Name has helped millions of new dog parents find the perfect name for their pup. In addition to our interactive name generator, we publish articles with name ideas inspired by breed, size, personality, appearance and more.

  1. Korean Dog Names

    Korean Dog Names

    Korean dog names are a fun and cultured option for a new pup. You could pick a popular name like Bella, Max, Charlie or Daisy. But if you want something […]

  2. Flower Names for Dogs

    Flower Names for Dogs

    Gorgeous and graceful, flower names for dogs are wonderful if you’re a nature lover and want to reflect your affection for the great outdoors. Maybe you’re a huge fan of […]

  3. wolf names thumbnail

    Wolf Names

    Are you looking for some awesome wolf names for your dog? Our list of wolf names are chosen to suit the power, fierceness, and beauty of wolves. Below you’ll find […]

  4. Unisex Dog Names

    Unisex Dog Names

    Getting a new dog and looking for the perfect name? Unisex dog names are a great choice! Finding the right name for your pup is an important step as a […]

  5. harry potter dog names thumb

    Harry Potter Dog Names

    Harry Potter has had a huge impact on readers and movie-goers of all ages. There are so many great characters, that it’s easy find something unique to name your pup […]

  6. Egyptian Dog Names

    In ancient Egypt, it’s well known that cats were considered sacred, but dogs were also equally popular with high regard. This list of Egyptian dog names will give you some great […]

  7. Preppy Dog Names – 120+ Perfect Ideas

    Today, pup parents are putting more time and energy into picking out a name for their dog than ever before. After all, dogs are beloved members of the family. As […]

  8. Polish Dog Names

    225+ Perfect Polish Dog Names

    Sometimes popular dog names like Max, Buddy, Bella and Daisy just won’t cut it. Those names are great and all, but it’s always good to step out of your comfort […]

  9. Labradoodle Names

    150+ Perfect Goldendoodle Names

    If you’re looking for Goldendoodle names, you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up over 150 ideas perfect for this fluffy furball. Considered a designer dog, the Goldendoodle is a mix between […]

  10. City Names for Dogs – 140+ Cool Ideas

    If you’re exploring city names for dogs, you’ve come to the right place. Our list includes 140+ ideas you’ll love. We’ve got city names from all around the world. These […]

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