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Since the site launched in 2013, My Dog’s Name has helped millions of new dog parents find the perfect name for their pup. In addition to our interactive name generator, we publish articles with name ideas inspired by breed, size, personality, appearance and more.

  1. Rapper Dog Names – Inspired by Hip Hop Culture

    If you’re a hip-hop fan these hip-hop and rapper dog names will be a perfect source of ideas to get started in naming your pup! Hip-hop culture has had a huge impact on the world from the old school origins in NYC to the latest kid coming up from YouTube or Soundcloud. This influence stretches […]

  2. Beagle gifts

    Beagle Gifts – 10 Best Gifts for Beagle Lovers

    The Beagle is a friendly and curious dog with an adorably sweet face that has melted hearts all over the world. If you’re shopping for someone who is a fan of this clever, energetic pup, you must check out our collection of Beagle gifts. This list of gifts for Beagle lovers has something for everyone, with […]

  3. top dog names thumb

    Top Dog Names of 2018 [Infographic]

    The results are in! We’re excited to announce the top dog names of 2018, as determined by the 4.3 million new dog owners who used our site so far this year. My Dog’s Name provides thousands of options for names and allows users to save their favorites while they search. To determine the most popular dog […]

  4. Preppy Dog Names – 120+ Perfect Ideas

    Today, pup parents are putting more time and energy into picking out a name for their dog than ever before. After all, dogs are beloved members of the family. As you look for options, one fun idea is to explore preppy dog names. Why consider preppy dog names? For starters, preppy dog names have a […]

  5. Polish Dog Names

    225+ Perfect Polish Dog Names

    Sometimes popular dog names like Max, Buddy, Bella and Daisy just won’t cut it. Those names are great and all, but it’s always good to step out of your comfort zone and explore other options. Like Polish dog names. If you’re looking at Polish dog names, chances are you have Polish heritage, and what a […]

  6. Labradoodle Names

    150+ Perfect Goldendoodle Names

    If you’re looking for Goldendoodle names, you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up over 150 ideas perfect for this fluffy furball. Considered a designer dog, the Goldendoodle is a mix between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. Both these dogs are incredibly intelligent, so it’s no wonder that the Goldendoodle is whip smart. Another great personality […]

  7. City Names for Dogs – 140+ Cool Ideas

    If you’re exploring city names for dogs, you’ve come to the right place. Our list includes 140+ ideas you’ll love. We’ve got city names from all around the world. These places make sophisticated and interesting names and are definitely a great option if you’re looking for unique name ideas. And if these city names for […]

  8. game of thrones dog names

    Game of Thrones Dog Names – 80+ Inspired Ideas

    Game of Thrones is one of the most popular series of all times. If you’re a GOT fan and getting a new dog, you must check out Game of Thrones dog names. Our list of 80+ Game of Thrones dog names includes people, places, animals and so much more. Male Game of Thrones Dog Names […]

  9. Big Dog Names

    Big Dog Names – 120+ Larger Than Life Ideas!

    A giant dog needs a larger than life name. With our ultimate list of 120+ big dog names, you’ll surely find the perfect fit! And we know a thing or two about big dogs. Our dog Toby, a purebred yellow Labrador Retriever, was only supposed to be 70-75 pounds. Incredibly, he grew and grew and […]

  10. disney dog names

    Disney Dog Names – 211+ Awesome Disney Names

    Do you love Disney movies?!? There are so many classic Disney dog names that can make the perfect name for your pup! We’ve gone through a ton of Disney movies to pull up all the great names from the characters that you love. Not only that we’ve gone deep and found some of the less […]

  11. 250+ Shiba Inu Names – The Ultimate List

    If you’re looking for Shiba Inu names, you’re in the right place. We’ve got the ultimate list of 250+ ideas. A small, agile dog, the Shiba hails from Japan where it was originally bred for hunting in the mountainous terrain. The breed is spirited, bold and independent, and with its fastidious nature, some joke that it’s […]

  12. Australian Dog Names

    Australian Dog Names – 50+ Names from Down Under

    G’day, mate! Are you looking for Australian dog names? If so, you’re in the right spot. We’ve rounded up 50+ Australian dog names that draw inspiration from the Land Down Under. From country nicknames to popular animals to the gorgeous geography, there is no shortage of ideas. Get ready for some serious inspiration! These names […]

  13. Alaskan Dog Names

    85+ Stunning Alaskan Dog Names

    Looking for Alaskan dog names? We’ve got 85+ ideas that are unique, strong and spirited. Alaskan dog names are perfect if you have an Alaskan breed like the Husky, Malamute or American Eskimo. Or really, if you have any type of northern dog breed. They’re also a great choice if you hail from Alaska, love […]

  14. St. Bernard Names

    St. Bernard Names – 130+ Perfect Ideas

    Get ready for a HUGE list of St. Bernard names. In fact, we’ve got 130+ ideas ranging from famous to funny, and everything in between. Among the world’s most famous and beloved breeds, the St. Bernard stands out for its large, strong build, obedient personality and sweet demeanor, especially as a family dog. The breed […]

  15. Fluffy Dog Names

    43 Fluffy Dog Names We Adore

    If you’re getting a new fluffy furbaby, why not explore fluffy dog names? We’ve rounded up 43 fluffy dog names you’ll absolutely adore. A number of dog breeds sport a fluffy coat fitting for fluffy dog names. Breeds like the Pomeranian, Samoyed, Chow Chow, Bichon Frise and Poodle certainly have no shortage of fur, as […]

  16. Shih Tzu Names

    250+ Fantastic Shih Tzu Names

    My Dog’s Name has 250+ Shih Tzu names you have to check out. These names are elegant, classy, cute, colorful and more. Today the Shih Tzu is the 20th most popular dog breed in the United States. Weighing in at 10-19 lbs, the Shih Tzu is considered a toy breed. But don’t let their small size […]

  17. Russian Dog Names

    125+ Unique & Beautiful Russian Dog Names

    Looking for Russian dog names? You’re in the right spot. We’ve got 125+ ideas that are unique, beautiful and full of character. There are many reasons for wanting to give your dog a Russian name. Maybe it’s because you have family ties to the region. Or you simply enjoy the culture and history. Another reason […]

  18. Christmas Dog Names

    Christmas Dog Names – 110+ Joyful Ideas

    Looking for Christmas dog names? You’re in for a treat. We’ve got 110+ ideas that are joyful, merry and bright! Perhaps you got a puppy as a Christmas present and want to commemorate the occasion with a dog name that celebrates the season. Or, you absolutely love Christmastime and want to carry that through to your dog’s name. […]

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