American Bulldog vs Pitbull

When it comes to the American Bulldog vs Pitbull, at first glance the dogs are very similar and it may be difficult to tell them apart. Although there are many similarities, key differences exist between these dogs that you should be aware of.

The American Bulldog and the Pitbull are two dogs that are often given a negative reputation. However, there are many positive features of both dogs, making them friendly pets for the family.

Before you make a decision about which dog to introduce to your home, explore some of the similarities and differences of the American Bulldog and the Pitbull.

American Bulldog vs Pitbull

American Bulldog vs Pitbull

The History

When looking at the American Bulldog vs Pitbull origins, you’ll notice that both were once bred as hunters or for rounding up animals.

American Bulldogs are believed to be related to the English breed while the Pitbull is a dog that is a result of breeding the English Bulldogs and the English Terriers. This is why the two dogs look so similar.

Each dog was once used for baiting before the practice became banned.


The temperament of the American Bulldog vs Pitbull is similar. Both are confident and enjoy pleasing their owners. They are both protective of their owners and are loyal.

The American Bulldog is a bit more social than the Pitbull, especially as it gets older. If you have children in your home, then the Bulldog might be a better option because of its gentler nature compared to the Pitbull.

However, the Pitbull is an emotional dog and tends to pick up on the feelings of other people. The dog is lively and enjoys walking on a daily basis, which is something to consider if you don’t have a lot of time to spend with a pet.

Many people hear stories about the temperament of the Pitbull and shy away from this type of dog as media outlets tend to portray it as an aggressive animal. This is a misconception that often leads to shelters being overrun with Pitbulls. The dog is one that is loyal and loving and does well in almost all family environments.

Most American Bulldogs will follow owners and will try to do some of the same things that they see other dogs and family members doing in the home or outside. The dog is one that is highly intelligent and can be easily trained. Keep in mind that the American Bulldog is sensitive, which can be a factor while training.

American Bulldog vs Pitbull

American Bulldog vs Pitbull


The overall appearance of the American Bulldog vs Pitbull is similar in both weight and height.

Most Bulldogs are about 25 inches in height and weigh about 90 pounds or more. The American Bulldog has a larger head and strong jaws. The coat is usually brown, white or black.

With a wide frame and a broad chest, the American Bulldog exhibits confidence in his appearance. The eyes often have an almond shape and can be of any color with dark brown at the top of the list of shades that are preferred by owners.

Aside from a gentle brushing, there really isn’t a lot that you need to do to care for the Bulldog’s coat since it’s short.

The Pitbull also has a strong jawline and broad features. The body is a bit leaner, and the dog doesn’t get as tall as the American Bulldog, with heights reaching about 20 inches.

Pitbulls are usually any color with many being brown or red. They average around 50 pounds. Since the Pitbull is shorter, they are more athletic and can often run faster.

The eyes of the Pitbull are usually set farther apart than the American Bulldog and are deeply set in the face. The dog usually has eyes of any color with brown being the dominant shade.

Pitbulls can get by with bathing only when it’s needed with a simple brushing to remove a few loose hairs.


When you look at an American Bulldog and a Pitbull together, it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between the two animals. The Bulldog usually lives for about 15 years while the Pitbull has a lifespan of about 10 years.

Hip dysplasia is a common concern for the American Bulldog while the Pitbull often sees issues that include cataracts, allergies and heart disease. Both dogs need adequate space for running and playing.

The American Bulldog is one that is generally healthy throughout its life. Aside from hip dysplasia, a common ailment is bone cancer and thyroid deficiency. The Pitbull often develops problems with the skin as well as bladder stones and thyroid disease.

A diet that is rich in vitamins and protein can help with bone issues that could develop as each dog gets older.

American Bulldog vs Pitbull

American Bulldog vs Pitbull


When you examine the price of the American Bulldog vs Pitbull, you will see that the family line of the dog plays a part in how much people ask for the dogs. The reputation, as well as the size of the litter, also impact the price of each dog.

American Bulldogs are often a little more expensive than the Pitbull because of the crossbreeding associated with the Pitbull. The price is often lower if the dog doesn’t have registration papers with the American Bulldog averaging around $800 and the Pitbull averaging around $500.


The Pitbull is by nature a loving and loyal dog, so more training is usually required than with the American Bulldog.

You need a firm voice when training a Pitbull. Physical punishments are not recommended for either dog and can make both of them aggressive. American Bulldogs get bored with repetitive training techniques.

These dogs will tend to find something in the house to keep them busy if training sessions aren’t full of clever games and instructions.

American Bulldog vs Pitbull: How do you decide?

Choosing the dog that is right for your home can be difficult when there are two dogs that enjoy showing how much they love their owners. Interact with the dog before making a final decision. Talk to the owner of the dog to find out about the history so that you have the proper tools needed to provide a loving home.

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  1. alano

    yes ok but that still does not explain why there is only the black nose of recognized and not its other colors of the gray nose, red nose and many others of colors and well and its appearance and also by its various names and nicknames, the man is able to create but to make recognize the logic of the history of the dog it is of the kind I do not care about it, everyone throws the pit dog pit dog and the other breeds of dogs

  2. brenda pratscher

    This article is SO misleading. The main reason is that “pitbulls” are NOT a breed. Pitbulls are a category of dogs, of which the American Bulldog is often put into.

  3. Orene J. Morin

    I have to agree with Brenda. Pitbulls is NOT a breed. Literally, the name of the pitbull comes directly from dogs fighting in a pit. They often ARE American bulldogs, or a mixed breed that have similar physical traits

  4. Merrianne Baroni

    From what I have read, the American Bulldog is not a Pitbull. They both share lineage with English bulldogs. But the Pitbull is of the terrier group and the ABD is of the mastiff group. At the end of the day, there are other things to get all worked up about

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