7 Reasons Why Sharing Your Bed with Your Dog is Amazing

Almost half of all dog owners today allow their pet to sleep in bed with them, according to Psychology Today. More and more people see a dog as part of their family, so it’s easy to understand why this number is so high. And for many people, myself included, sharing your bed with your dog is flat-out awesome. Why?, you may ask. For these seven kick-butt reasons.


You have a snuggle buddy

When a dog jumps in bed with you, they often don’t just lie there, they full-on snuggle! And how precious is that? Cuddling with your dog increases your bond and makes it feel like everything is right with the world.

Dogs are so warm and cozy

Another thing we love about dogs is just how warm and cozy they make us feel. Especially in the cold weather months. It’s like a heated blanket made of fluffy fur.

You feel safe and secure

Dogs provide a sense of security that can’t be beat. Obviously the larger the dog, the more physical safety they can provide, but any sort of canine can help you feel protected. It’s like having a little guard to alert you if anything goes wrong.

It makes dogs happy

Most dogs absolutely love getting to sleep in their owner’s beds. Like humans, dogs enjoy the snuggles, warmth and feeling of security. It fills our hearts to see our pups so happy!

A feeling of happiness

Speaking of happiness, the whole experience can put you a  jolly good mood. Dogs increase a human’s happiness level, and how joyful is it to share this loving moment with your dog? Every night our dog Toby jumps in bed, does a few twirls until he gets comfortable, and simultaneously puts his head on my legs like a pillow while letting out a sigh of the utmost contentment. It melts my heart every time.

Tranquil rest

It is scientifically proven that dogs reduce anxiety and help us relax. Having a dog in bed with you, cuddled up, their breathing in sync with yours – how much more relaxing can itr get?

Sure, a doggy bed hog can lead to a restless night’s sleep at times. On the plus side, however, dogs also increase your level of rest by decreasing depression and anxiety and providing a feeling of protection.

Unconditional love

Dogs emanate unconditional love. No matter what you do, they are always there for you with love and affection. A dog curled up in bed with you, showering you with love. That, folks, is absolute perfection.

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