7 Genius Dog Products You Need to Get Organized Now

by Jessi Larson

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Is it just me or is it really hard to stay organized as a dog owner?

I suppose it’s kind of like having a little kid. They require a lot of stuff.  They’re always pulling out toys and leaving them everywhere. Not to mention the mess they make. Also, don’t forget about all the doctor’s appointments and health information you need to keep track of.

However, just like with kids, there are plenty of things you can do to get organized amid the chaos.

These seven brilliant buys can instantly help you get that much more organized and feel a little more control in your life. I personally own four of them and will be getting the other three ASAP!

1. Toy Storage Organizer Bins

dog toy storage

If you don’t have a toy bin for your dog’s toys, you need one. NOW. It has been a lifesaver in our house.

Instead of toys strewn about everywhere, they are neatly tucked away in one place. Plus, this signals to your dog that these are the only things they can chew on and play with.

A bin is especially helpful when toys start to get slobbery and chewed-up. You don’t want those eyesores lying around everywhere.

We love this cute bin, which works perfectly for dogs. But really, any container will do.

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2. Homeaway Travel Organizer Kit for Pets

7 Genius Dog Products You Need To Get Organized Now

I don’t know about you, but when packing up Toby’s things, to stay with a sitter or go to the cabin for the weekend for example, I always feel like a hot mess. First I grab his dog bowls and realize how long it’s been since I cleaned them and think about how I need to make more time for tidying. So I clean the bowls and dry them. Then I hunt down his leash. And package up food and treats in whatever container I can find. And finally, there’s the whole matter of finding toys he’ll actually want to play with when he’ll no doubt be surrounded by distractions.

But, with a travel organizer like the one above, you can slip out of the house quickly and easily. The food bag, water bottle and collapsible bowls make carting mealtime on the move so much easier. 

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3. Dog Box with Lid

dog storage box

Organizing Toby’s grooming supplies has been on my to-do list. His toothbrush and shampoo are in the bathroom upstairs. His brush, ear cleaner and tick spray are downstairs. His towels…I don’t really know where they are at the moment.

What we really need is a grooming storage box like the one above. Supplies fit in there nicely, and the hinged lid makes it easy to open and close.

> Check it out

4. Wall Mount Entryway Organizer

dog organizer hanging rack

If you don’t have an entryway organizer, you’re missing out. We use ours to neatly store Toby’s leashes. They’re always in the same place whenever we need them. At this point, we couldn’t live without it.

What we love about the organizer above is the storage space on top. You can keep your pup’s poop bags so they’re readily available for walks; small bags of treats you can easily grab; and much more.

Check it out

5. Dog Poop Bag Dispenser

7 Genius Dog Products You Need To Get Organized Now

A dog poop bag dispenser is so helpful when out on a walk with your dog. You can easily clip it to your dog’s leash or to your pocket.

It also helps stay organized at home. Instead of having bags strewn about, they’re tucked away nicely out of sight.

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6. Original Pet Seat Cover for Cars

7 Genius Dog Products You Need To Get Organized Now

Dealing with dog hair is one of the least fun parts of being a dog owner. Well, second to picking up poo.

That darn fur gets EVERYWHERE. This is a particular nuisance when transporting your dog in the car. Hair seems to get in every little crevice, and the people riding in your car are going to get covered. That is unless you get a seat cover.

A seat cover keeps your car tidy and clean. Got people riding in the back? Simply remove the cover and voila, a perfectly clean car. I don’t know what we’d do without ours.

The above cover from BarksBar includes two pockets for storing items such as a leash, treats, toys, etc.

> Check it out

7. Pet Printables

7 Genius Dog Products You Need To Get Organized Now

We give Toby his HeartGuard medicine the first of every month. I have it memorized in my head. But, unfortunately, I just realized today that I am 11 days behind in giving it to him this month. Oops! And this isn’t the first time.

What I really need is some sort of central organizer to keep track of all his health information. These printables from Etsy do the trick. For only $4, you get an instant document you can print it off and use to start tracking your pup’s health right away.

> Check it out

Life with a dog is joyful, fun, messy and chaotic, all in one. By getting a little more organized with the items above, you can cut down on the messy and chaotic part and enjoy the joyful and fun element a whole lot more.

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