4 Tips for Finding Cute Dog Names

4_tips_cute_dog_namesIf you had to list things that are cute, most people would put puppies at the top. With their big eyes, tiny nose and furry coats, they’re adorable. So why not maximize the cuteness with a cute dog name? Here are four tips for finding that oh-so-cute name for your sweet doggy.

1. Think about the breed

Any type of dog can have a cute name. Generally, though, the smaller the dog the cutesier you can get. For example, the name Tinkerbell lends itself better to a little pooch like a chihuahua or shih tzu versus a large German shepherd. That’s not to say a German shepherd can’t have a cute name, you just may want make sure it’s not oversweet.

2. Inspiration is everywhere

Keep your eyes and ears out for ideas – you never know where you’ll find cute dog names. A few tips to get the creativity flowing:

  • Pay attention to the names of dogs you meet in real life as well as those in movies, TV shows and books
  • Think back to your favorite cartoons growing up
  • Browse the toy section of your local store
  • Make a list of all the things you find cute
  • Ask your friends and family for ideas – they always know people who’ve given their pets super cute names

3. Use an online name generator

It goes without saying, but the internet is loaded with cute dog names you’ve never thought of before. Don’t want to wade through long lists? Try out our easy dog name generator:
a. Find cute female dog names
b. Find cute male dog names

4. Is it too cute?

Many cute dog names work well in theory, but remember you’ll have to say this name out loud, often in public, every day. And it’s not just you – other people in your life, like a significant other, kids, family, friends, etc., will have to say it, too. 

If you’re on the fence, practice saying it out loud. Or ask other people what they think. Their reaction will give you your answer.

Got a cute dog name idea? Let us know in the comments below!

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