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10 Simply Amazing Reasons to Be Thankful for Dogs

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As Thanksgiving approaches and we look back on all the things we are thankful for, let’s take a moment and give thanks for an amazing friend and companion in our lives: our dogs.

Many dog parents agree that their lives are even better with a dog and couldn’t imagine a world without them.

But what exactly is it about our friendly furballs that we love so much and are so thankful for?

Here are 10 amazing reasons to be thankful for dogs.


  1. So much love!

    Dogs love us unconditionally. They show it by nuzzling up to us, wagging their tales when we enter the room and giving us lots and lots of puppy kisses. Who doesn’t like that?

    In fact, experts say dogs see you as their family. And many people report that they feel their dogs are like family members. So overall, the relationship can be much deeper than just owner/pet.

  2. They make us healthy

    On average, people with dogs are healthier. How is this?

    For starters, dogs get you out of the house and exercising, which of course benefits your health in countless ways.

    According to WebMD, dog owners are less likely to get heart disease, have lower blood pressure, report decreased levels of stress and can have an increased immune system, among other benefits.

  3. A faithful companion

    They don’t call dogs “a man’s best friend” for nothing. Dogs were bred over thousands of years to serve as loyal companions to their owners. And it shows in today’s modern dogs. They want to love you and be there for you no matter what. And that’s something to be incredibly thankful for.

  4. Life is always interesting

    One thing is for sure: Life will never be boring when you have a dog. From the fun moments like the time your dog got the zoomies and couldn’t stop running around the house, to the proud pup parent times like when your dog mastered a new trick, to the challenging (and sometimes absurd) incidents like when a dog eats something bad and can’t go to the bathroom, life is never dull with a dog.

  5. Decreased stress

    Going back to the part about dogs being good for your health, we need to talk more about how they help you relax. Because that is so true.

    Even on the worst, most stressful days at work, you can find yourself completely at ease after a romp outside with your cuddly, loving furbaby. We are so thankful that dogs help us find perspective in life and lower stress levels.

  6. Your own personal watchdog

    Even the smallest of dogs can help us feel just a little bit safer. They bark when someone is outside and alert us to visitors at the door. Sure, this can be annoying at times, but we think every dog owner feels grateful for their own personal watchdog.

  7. One word: snuggles

    That’s right. Pure, fabulous, soulful snuggles. Even the most independent pups sneak in a few snuggles here and there. And for those with cuddly canines, you are truly blessed.

  8. Emotional support

    Dogs have an amazing ability to sense your emotions and respond accordingly. Having a tough day and you start to cry? Dogs come running up to help. Feeling happy and on top of the world? Dogs jump up with you out of excitement.

    Many dog owners will report that their dogs played an important role in their well-being during emotional times, and that they’re very thankful for this support.

  9. More social interaction

    Most pup parents report an increase in social interaction after getting a dog. Why? Well, it gets you out of the house more often to exercise your pup.

    And it’s also a great conversation starter. When you have a dog, people have a great reason to stop and say hello and meet your pup.

    And don’t forget puppy play dates!

  10. They are always happy to see you

    Every single day. Dogs LOVE when you come home. Rain or shine, they are there to greet you with the utmost excitement. Who doesn’t love that?

When it comes to your dog, what are you most thankful for? We’d love to know!

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