How to Pick the Best Dog Food Brands

Best_dog_foodsJust like humans, dogs are at their best when they eat healthy, nutritious foods.  While much has been done to better label human foods and to better educate consumers about what those labels mean, dog food is still a mystery for many pet owners.

Let’s break it down.

According to Dog Food Advisor, the best dog food brands are:

•    Higher in meat-based protein
•    Higher in natural fats and oils
•    Lower in carbohydrates
•    Formulated from a named (non-generic) animal source
•    Free of animal or vegetable by-products
•    Free of artificial flavoring, coloring or preservatives
•    Complete in all essential vitamins and minerals
•    Not excessive in calcium for large breed puppies

Additionally, the Association of American Feed Control Officials recommends that no less than 37 nutrients that must be present to make it a high-quality dog food brand. This includes:

•    10 amino acids
•    12 minerals
•    11 vitamins

Is your head spinning? Ours is, too. Picking out the best dog food is no easy task, with no easy answer.

So, at My Dog’s Name we recommend you first take into account the size of your dog, its activity level and its health. Always pick a dog food that matches the attributes of your pup.

From there, turn to an unbiased source to research the best dog food brands. Some websites are backed by a particular dog food manufacturer. Make sure the sites you reference are neutral and don’t have an interest in promoting a certain product.

We recommend starting your search with Dog Food Advisor for all-encompassing, impartial advice. According to the site the best dog food brands include Acana, Brothers Complete, By Nature Organics, Canidae, Dr. Tim’s Dog Food, Merrick Classic Dog Food, Nature’s Variety, Wellness Core and Wysong Epigen, among others.

Don’t forget, once you’ve found the best dog food for your pup, make sure to monitor their progress for possible allergic reactions and to ensure they’re operating at their highest level.

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