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  1. white-dog-names-sm Names

    White Dog Names – 65 Awesome Ideas For White Furbabies

    White dog names are an absolute must if you are welcoming a white pup into your home, don’t you think? These names perfectly sum up your dog’s beautiful fur color and provide a unique moniker that makes a statement. Inspiration for white dog names isn’t hard to find. So many things – flowers, foods, faith, etc. […]

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    15 Crazy Cool Dog Beds

    Our dogs are one of the most important parts of our lives. They love us so much and are there for us unconditionally. In return, what better way to show how much you care than to provide them with a super comfy dog bed where they can get a good night’s sleep or enjoy some quiet resting time in […]

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    7 Reasons Why Sharing Your Bed With Your Dog Is Amazing

    Almost half of all dog owners today allow their pet to sleep in bed with them, according to Psychology Today. More and more people see a dog as part of their family, so it’s easy to understand why this number is so high. And for many people, myself included, sharing your bed with your dog […]

  4. country-dog-names-sm Names

    Awesome Country Dog Names – 87 Soulful Names You’ll Love

    Country dog names are so fun, so twangy and definitely unique. For these names, the most obvious starting point is to look at country music, the popular genre that originated in the Southern United States. Other areas of inspiration are locations, characters and things that correspond with the country lifestyle. You don’t have to live […]

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    Best Dog Puzzle Toys & Dog Games

    We all love our dogs and want them to be happy and challenged, both mentally and physically. And other times we need them to chill out, or at the very least, be occupied with something that gives us a little free time. Luckily there are some pretty sweet dog puzzle toys and games that achieve all of the […]

  6. Dog Allergies - sm Health

    Does Your Dog Have Seasonal Allergies?

    Our dog Toby is no stranger to seasonal allergies. When he was a puppy, he’d get severe watery eyes during the springtime. So much so that there were constant streaks down his face. It’s been a few years now without incidence, so we thought he was in the clear. Until last week. It’s extremely common […]

  7. Summer-sm Products

    10 Things Your Dog Needs This Summer

    Summer is such a glorious time of year, especially for those of us who live in cold climates where we have to wait for warm weather for months on end. It means we get to spend more time outdoors with our beloved dogs, soaking up the sun and enjoying even more playtime together. Of course, […]

  8. dogfoods Food

    Do you know which foods are deadly for dogs?

    Do you know which human foods are good for you dog and which ones are poisonous and potentially deadly? Take this quiz and find out. The quiz includes 20 common human foods and is just the tip of the iceberg considering all the things we eat. When in doubt if you dog can eat a […]

  9. black-and-white-dog-names-sm Names

    Crazy Cool Black and White Dog Names – 37 Perfect Ideas!

    So you have a black and white dog, eh? Black and white dog names are so fun and unique if you have a dog of with these colors. And this is definitely a popular coloring for pups. We see many dogs with this dual-colored fur at the dog park. If you’re lucky enough to be […]

  10. hawaiian-dog-names-sm Names

    Hawaiian Dog Names – 150+ Beautiful, Unique Ideas!

    Aloha! So you’re looking for Hawaiian dog names? You’ve come to the right place. We love the idea of giving your dog a Hawaiian-themed moniker. These names are beautiful, breezy and unique. If you have ties to Hawaii or have traveled there, you should definitely consider these names. Heck, even if you admire the Aloha […]

  11. maltese-dog-names-sm Names

    Maltese Dog Names – 99 Adorable Ideas For Maltese Pups

    Looking for Maltese dog names? You’ve come to the right place, my friend. The Maltese is an adorably sweet dog with a big, vicious personality in a small package. This dog weighs in at only 7-9 pounds, making it a toy breed. Notably, the breed has a striking white coat that is cute and fluffy […]

  12. border-collie-names-sm Names

    Top Border Collie Names – 25 Wonderful Names For Your Pup

    When it comes to Border Collie names, we had no problem herding up lots of options. (It’s OK, you can groan at that one.) A unique, beautiful dog with a high-energy, playful personality deserves a name that’s equally as impressive, and we think these Border Collie names are great inspiration. Border Collie Names Ranger – The […]

  13. FrenchCatNames_sm Names

    Beautiful French Dog Names – 140+ Fantastic Name Ideas

    French dog names have a beautiful, sophisticated vibe about them. If you’re looking for a romantic and exotic name for your new pup, you should definitely consider these options! Why? French dog names are sweet and stylish, chic and classy. Guaranteed, you most likely won’t find someone else with the same name for their dog. (And […]

  14. black-dog-names-sm Names

    Black Dog Names – The Ultimate List (77 Fantastic Ideas!)

    If you’re getting a dark-colored dog, you must consider black dog names! Black dogs are beautiful creatures, with their shiny, luscious coats and soulful eyes that are even more pronounced against their dark fur. These names don’t have to be literal. They can range from dark-colored foods to “black” in other languages to animals of the same […]

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    Top Trendy Dog Names – Perfect Name Ideas for Your Pup

    My Dog’s Name has been around for three years now, and we’ve seen some interesting trends in dog names. For the most part, when a dog name hits the top 10, it sticks around for a while. Every now and then, however, a name will come out of nowhere and quickly gain lots of fans. […]

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    Frozen Dog Treat Recipe Perfect For Summer

    Summer is here! Like many fellow Minnesotans, I want to sing it from the rooftops. We have to endure months of cold winter and then a rainy (and sometimes snowy) spring season to finally get a few months of warm weather. And boy does it get warm. If I remember my junior high geography class […]

  17. Best Dogs to Own sm Training & Behavior

    Best Dogs to Own For First-Time Pup Parents

    For whatever reason, so many friends and family members have gotten new dogs lately, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. More fur babies to play with and love! I absolutely love it. A number of these folks are first time pup parents, so they’ve come to us with questions, one of which was, “What are […]

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    20 Things That Keep Dog Parents Sane

      Being a dog parent is one of the most amazing experiences in the world. There also many, many times you’ll want to pull your hair out – that is if your house wasn’t already covered in hair from your dog. From chewing your belongings to muddy paws all over the house to the constant […]

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    Dog Breeds of the World [Infographic]

    Hello fellow dog lovers! We hope you enjoyed the weekend and got a chance to get outside with your pup. Kyle and I finally got a chance this afternoon to catch our breath and do a little spring cleaning and organizing. As we went through our to-do list, we realized we had not yet published […]

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    Spanish Dog Names – 200+ Awesome Spanish Names

    Spanish dog names are a fun, playful option for new dog owners who are feeling adventurous. Why? The Spanish language is beautiful and romantic. Originating in Spain, it is now the primary language of 427 million people in 31 countries around the the globe. This makes it the second most popular language in the world. […]