Can your dog eat that?

Last weekend we spent the Fourth of July at the cabin with friends and family and of course our wonderful dog Toby. We love bringing Toby up to the lake – he loves to run around, swim in the lake and play with all the people there. The only trouble: human food. Lots of tempting human food on picnic tables within his reach, and unwitting relatives ready to dole out their leftovers when they see his sweet, begging face.

A hunk of cheese or a slice of sandwich meat isn’t the worst thing in the world. But some human food is downright dangerous for dogs. My brother once tried to feed Toby onions. Onions! I thought everyone knew these were poisonous for dogs, but I guess not.

So how in the world do you keep track of what’s good for your dog, what’s bad, and what is OK in moderation? Our friends over at created an awesome infographic to help guide you. Check it out below.

If you ever leave your pup with a dog sitter, especially someone who isn’t the most knowledgeable about dogs, we highly recommend you share this with them. It could save your dog a trip to the vet.

If you get time, we recommend you visit for other great dog info. Blogger Perrin Carrell has created an awesome place for dog owners to learn about dogs, share stories, and read reviews on good, ethical dog products and dog food. It’s worth a visit!








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